Maison 21G

Maison 21G is a French luxury perfume brand, born from the passion of Johanna Monange.
The French term Maison evokes the luxury of Haute Couture, suggesting something exclusive, elitist, “tailor-made”.
In a world where massification is widespread in all areas, from fashion to perfumery, Maison 21G wants to turn the tide: creativity, customization and sustainability are the values at the heart of its vision. Maison 21G imagines a new world of perfumery: one designed by the customer, that smells exactly as he wants, that smells of uniqueness.


Unveiling the ‘House of Scent Designer’ by Maison 21G: A Personalized Perfume Experience in Seoul

To allow customers to connect directly with the luxurious oils of Haute Couture perfumery and create their own signature scents, the brand has significantly enhanced the customer experience at their new flagship store in Seoul. They have introduced the “House of Scent Designer” corner, which lets customers craft custom perfumes.

Using advanced RFID technology, customers simply place their chosen fragrance at the base of the monitor. Instantly, the information and unique characteristics of the fragrance appear on the screen. Additionally, customers receive recommendations for pairing with other scents, enabling them to design a personalized and perfect perfume blend that suits their preferences.

This innovative experience engages customers in an interactive and personalized way. It makes creating a unique perfume both enjoyable and educational. The store’s elegant and modern design enhances this experience. It provides a luxurious environment that reflects the brand’s commitment to quality and sophistication. Trained staff are available to assist customers in understanding the different fragrance notes and combinations. This ensures they leave with a product that truly represents their individual style and taste. This comprehensive approach ensures a memorable and exclusive shopping experience for every customer who visits the flagship store.

Developed and managed by the DXP One platform, the Place & Learn solution creates a unique customer experience for clients and sales associates. The experience is tailor-made for every client and increases customer interactions with products. It empowers them to create their own fragrances that are as unique as they are.

In this way our services help to make an already highly personalized experience even more perfect for the needs of customers, creating a high tuning with the perfume brand, allowing customers to create a fragrance “made to measure” for them.