Environment, Social and Governance

Our Social Commitment

Our values-based behavioural framework has been characterised by a bottom-up process where every M-Cube employee played an important role to define it.

Our Social Commitment could be briefly summarised by our Vision, Mission and Values.


To be the leading company in connecting brands with their customers through the emotional power of unique digital experiences.


To serve as the trusted partner in delivering transformational retail experiences through cutting-edge digital solutions and unmatched creativity while constantly committing to have a successful and sustainable impact on our people, our customers, and our industry.


People First

Customer Centricity



To get more information please download here our Code of Ethics & Conduct.

Our Environmental & Sustainability Commitment

As M-Cube, we are constantly engaged in reinforcing our commitment to environmental sustainability.

All our actions, operations and business practices are grounded in sustainability principles, thereby minimising environmental impact. 

In concrete, for the second year we are partnered with ReforestAction, to offset our emission by reforesting parts of the world.

The goal for 2023, after the great results of the last year, is to continue internationally, with 10,000 new trees planted, between China, Brazil, and Italy.

We also strongly support sustainable mobility within the Group and we’re improving our monitoring of the firm’s performance in waste management and pollution reduction through the implementation of indicators.

It’s a further step in long-term sustainability, which aims to bring our company to the achievement of the great goal set for the next few years: to become a zero-carbon footprint company.

About the Governance

Our structure is designed to support consistency of service quality and adherence to agreed values wherever in the world M-Cube member firms operate. 

All our members commit to conduct their operations in compliance with a common set of values, standards and service quality expectations.

Download here our Quality Policy

Also, from March 2022 all M-Cube entities are officially certified ISO 9001.

We also created a security system based on the ISO 27001 information with the aim to constantly increase the protection level of the company asset, with consequently benefits for the business.

Lastly, the Italian legal entity adopted an anti-bribery policy based on the Model 231.  The goal is to extend the same policy to the other countries, in line with the local legislations.