Realize your dreams through limitless design

Create an unforgettable digital customer experience combining the power of technology and creativity.


Building a solid foundation for in-store digital communication starts with embracing the right technology. It needs to be reliable, effective and impactful. Without carefully studied content and the adoption of proper technology, campaigns will undoubtedly fail.

Because of this, at M-Cube, we don’t follow innovation, we lead it. Our team are experts in designing new digital customer experiences through cutting-edge, innovative technologies.

One thing is clear: it's not just about the system integration anymore. We've embraced internalizing expertise and skills to pioneer a true end-to-end approach. With this approach, retail brands can benefit from the quality of our features and tech services with greater detail applied.

Here are just some of the ways we can transform your in-store experience with the power of technology:


We lead the way with LED digital signage solutions, illustrating brand messages that captivate audiences and create emotive experiences.


DXP One allows retailers to design the perfect digital customer experience on different digital touchpoints, integrating APIs, third party software integration, applications and add-ons. And just because we can, doesn’t mean we always do. We’ll carefully select the most beneficial option for your brand.

Just Commerce

A scalable technological platform bridging the digital and physical worlds, integrating digital and physical touchpoints to provide a meaningful and seamless customer experience. It means you can connect with a customer wherever they are at any time.

Sound Management

We provide our patented plug & play music player and developed content management platform. We create, manage and monitor complex systems worldwide, programming soundtracks, commercials and audio campaigns.