The soul of digital signage


Digital signage systems have the ability to engage, entertain and communicate powerful messages to customers. They can create memories and leave long-lasting emotions.

Visual communications have to be carefully and precisely managed to be meaningful and effective, to reach people's hearts and connect with their emotions.

Digital signage solutions can’t work without content, and content needs to be carefully managed, ensuring that messages appear where and when they're most needed. In order to do this, retailers need to have complete oversight, controlling the scheduling to enable the right messages to come at the right time and ensuring the whole system functions seamlessly.

For these reasons, we have developed an intuitive, ergonomic and scalable platform – called DXP One – to manage any digital signage touchpoint: making it easy to adapt content, create playlists and monitor the status of all systems.

Specifically designed for digital signage

Fully developed by M-Cube, DXP One is designed to meet the specific needs of digital signage campaigns. DXP One allows retailers to design the perfect digital customer experiences on different digital touchpoints, integrating APIs, third party software integration, applications and add-ons.

Easier content management

Designed as a marketing tool, DXP One allows for full personalisation of delivery rules, based on the marketing editorial line of each brand. For example, content can be automatically delivered to specific locations, empowering retailers to maximize multiple targets for every campaign.

Perfect for big roll-outs

DXP One’s cloud distributed architecture allows retailers to manage thousands of players simultaneously, making it the perfect CMS for big international rollouts.

Real time monitoring

DXP One remotely monitors all the players connected to the system. It sends alerts if something is not working properly and tracks all of the activity history, ensuring the entire digital signage system functions perfectly.

Discover all the possibilities that DXP One offers you!