Bridging digital and physical worlds to create better experiences

Just Commerce

New technologies are constantly influencing consumer habits. There’s no doubt about that. This means that digital features are transported into the brick-and-mortar world more frequently than ever before.

That’s why we developed Just Commerce

Just Commerce is a scalable technological platform bridging the digital and physical worlds.

Whether customers start their brand journey from the web or in-store, Just Commerce forms a bridge between the two. This approach integrates digital and physical touchpoints to provide a meaningful and seamless customer experience, every time.

Through an enriched understanding of retailers’ needs – alongside rapid market evolution – we have developed ready-to-use applications to make your first steps into the omnichannel world as smooth as possible.

In fact, Just Commerce enables effortless integration with third-party technologies to collect and analyze data, giving you all the tools you need to transform your customer experience for the better.

Just Commerce Apps: our solutions for retail transformation


Showcase your full inventory. With an interactive catalog, customers can browse products and services, explore related content, check product availability, and get immediate support from in-store staff.


Enrich your storytelling. From products to displays, you can create compelling stories of any physical and digital surface of your store with dynamic web pages. This is accessible on a customer’s personal device or on in-store screens.


Decentralize your cashier. Empower payments to take place wherever your customer prefers, anywhere in the store.


Empower your staff. Equip in-store associates with operational, relational and even transactional capabilities to provide each customer with personalized and advanced support for every step of the omnichannel journey.

This could be the start of a whole new world for your omnichannel customer journey.