Match the rhythm of your brand to the beat of your customers

Sound Management

Create the perfect ambience for your customers

Sound management is a complex and delicate architecture. Sound has to connect with your customers in the right way. It’s simple: bad sound leads to bad customer experiences. Bad customer experiences lead to customer churn and low sales.

How do we create the perfect sound atmosphere?

We have three key components that help to create an impeccable in-store sound. These components are hardware, software, and the human touch.

Our dedicated team works to provide you with the most appropriate sound management system. We provide our patented plug and play music player and developed content management platform, and also create, manage and monitor complex systems worldwide. Programming the most appropriate soundtracks, commercials and audio campaigns is in our DNA.


With more than 20 years in in-store radio solutions, we have developed our own Music Player exclusively for broadcasting music and audio content at your points of sale.

Content management platform

Our content management platform performs internal troubleshooting to oversee all our players.

It also has the ability to provide precise insights into the statuses of each of our players, from connectivity to sound quality.

Our dedicated team offers you full support and assistance in managing the system to ensure a successfully executed sound solution.

Content creation & scheduling

Our sound solution is all about the vibe and message that you want others to hear. You’ve built a brand, but now you need to know your brand’s soundtrack.

Each message, spot, and advertisement is tailormade in our sound studio to align with your requests.

Sound equipment

The perfect content is nothing without the proper sound equipment. Our team is able to design the best sound system solutions with the most suitable technologies.

Get ready to be blown away. Discover all of your Sound Management possibilities today.