Bally is a Swiss luxury fashion house, founded as “Bally & Co.” in 1851 by Carl Franz Bally. Nowadays, Bally’s retail network includes 311 boutiques, with 500 multi-brand points of sale spanning 66 countries.

What makes Bally’s projects so special? The needs behind the design of a unique digital customer experience. Bally wanted, on one hand,  more interaction and engagement with customers, and, on the other, support sales assistants with the possibility to show products on a big surface.

With one solution, the Digital Mirror, we were able to solve more than one problem.

  • It is an essential item in every boutique: there is no need to think where to place it.
  • It broadcasts emotional videos, commercials, runaways and every kind of “motion content” able to catch customer attention.
  • Its surface is touchable: customers can use it to browse products and collections.
  • It enhances product discovery thanks to RFID technology.
  • It supports sales assistants thanks to the App to Screen feature, allowing them to display products in colours or models perhaps not available in the store.
  • It can also be used to increase customers’ social engagement with the selfie app.