Bally is a Swiss luxury fashion house, founded as “Bally & Co.” in 1851 by Carl Franz Bally. Today, its reach is global: Bally’s sales network includes 311 boutiques, with 500 multi-brand stores in 66 countries. Despite its global spread, Bally embodies attention to detail. The team of artisans, responsible for creating shoe, clothing, and accessory models, draws inspiration from modern architecture, art, and the environment. They respect and protect the environment through various initiatives.

Bally’s style is distinguished by the strong link between innovative design and manufacturing tradition, promoting functional and innovative fashion through the use of cutting-edge technologies to improve product performance. Since the early 20th century, Bally has collaborated with the world’s greatest creative talents, including French illustrator Bernard Villemot, architects such as Le Corbusier, Karl Moser, Robert Mallet-Stevens and Andrée Putman.


Bally ‘s Boutique Revolution: Digital Mirrors and LED Walls Elevate Shopping Experience

What makes Bally’s projects so special? The needs behind the design of a unique digital customer experience. Bally wanted, on one hand, more interaction and engagement with customers, and, on the other, support sales assistants with the possibility to show products on a big surface. We put at their disposal our experience to offer them the best offer for those who were their needs in terms of interactive customer experience. 

With one solution, the Digital Mirror, we were able to solve more than one problem.

  • It is an essential item in every boutique: there is no need to think where to place it.
  • It broadcasts emotional videos, commercials, runaways and every kind of “motion content” able to catch customer attention.
  • Its surface is touchable: customers can use it to browse products and collections.
  • It enhances product discovery thanks to RFID technology. (product info / availability)
  • It supports sales assistants thanks to the App to Screen feature, allowing them to display products in colours or models perhaps not available in the store.
  • It can also be used to increase customers’ social engagement with the selfie app.
  • Bally House in Milan: 6x digital mirror ; 1x entrance LED wall pixel pitch 1.9


Bally’s Digital Solutions: Elevating Customer Engagement and Staff Efficiency

With these solutions, the customer experience has become much more engaging.

The videos excite and attract. The interactive screens personalize the customer experience and facilitate the buying process and strengthen the bond with Bally.

Thanks to these solutions, Bally has improved the customer experience. It makes customers feel like protagonists and aligns with Bally’s value system.

These solutions also facilitate the staff experience. This aspect must never be underestimated if Bally wants to act according to a complete and winning logic.