Digital Mirror: the engagement tool to create a new shopping experience

Omnichannel Retail

A technology capable of delivering multiple customer experiences based on to the different needs of brands

Digital Mirror is the engagement tool able to deliver multiple personalised customer experiences based on the different needs of brands.

At a time like the present, when physical shopping is making a comeback, the importance of the shopping experience for the customer is growing: Digital Mirror is not just a digital mirror, it is above all a sales support technology able to create an important customisation and able to realise different customer experiences.

Through an interactive screen that responds to touch, Digital Mirror allows customers to see all the brand’s articles, including a variety of colours and models that are not physically present in the store.

Whilst dedicated videos and motion pictures of the different products immediately capture the shopper’s attention, the RFID technology allows for a genuine product discovery: through RFID, it is possible discover all the product’s features, the variants of each article and check the in-store availability.

The M-Cube Digital Mirror is a solution already implemented, with different customer experiences, by Bally, Diffusione Tessile and Baldinini.

Digital mirror 2

Leonardo Comelli, Chief Marketing & Solution Officer of M-Cube, “While the pandemic had, out of necessity, led to a profound cultural transformation of consumers who, driven primarily by functionality and practicality, had ended up favouring online shopping, it now seems that with the progressive overcoming of the crisis, the desire to go back to the shop has returned. And rather than a change in trend, it is perhaps a return to normality: we are therefore proposing a tool able to adapt and to interpret this renewed desire of in store shopping experience. We believe that the physical shop still represents the preferred choice for many categories of consumers.”

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