United Colors of Benetton

United Colors of Benetton is part of the Benetton group, born in 1965, in Italy.
Benetton Group is one of the best-known fashion companies in the world, present in the main markets with a commercial network of around 4000 stores. 

The Group has a consolidated identity of style, color, passion and democratic prices; values ​​that are reflected in the strong and dynamic personality of United Colors of Benetton which guarantees it a privileged position in historic and commercial centers around the world.. 

A Digital Signage Solution designed to deliver maximum flexibility, efficiency and efficacy.

Benetton invested in Digital Signage on a large scale for the renewal of its retail stores and steps-up its communication management to create spaces in which the collections, their colors and their design can present themselves in an even more attractive, dynamic and interactive sales context.

To strengthen in-store communication the Benetton Group has selected a sophisticated digital direction: a Digital Signage solution designed to deliver maximum flexibility, efficiency and efficacy.

The brand strategy introduces a new concept of store layout. This concept is based on the flexible positioning of the displays and dynamic content distribution.

Thanks to this strategy, Benetton is now able to centrally manage multilingual communication in-store. The project is already active in 180 stores in 18 countries and has proved to be a winning choice:

  • Improved efficiency and flexibility in the management of the multi-lingual promotional material and in-store marketing.
  • Faster delivery and improved coordination of the in-store marketing content in all the Group’s stores.


Benetton Revolutionizes In-Store Communication with Advanced Digital Signage Solutions

Every year Benetton produces over 120 million garments for its collections, shoes, and accessories. Management must handle a large quantity of information for every seasonal collection. This information includes catalogs, specific content, promotions, and marketing messages for each point of sale.

Printed material, quickly out of date in relation to the collections turnover, proved to be expensive and not very functional.

United Colors of Benetton launched a project called “On Canvas” in 2014. This project sees the loom as a symbol of tradition and craftsmanship. Following this project, Benetton reinvented in-store communication by relying on Digital Solutions. It is based on an original, functional and dynamic structure, around which revolve seasons, collections, colours and materials. Thus the loom becomes the symbol of innovation, and every transformation inside the store becomes possible, thanks also to the use of the most advanced Digital Signage.


Enhancing Customer Experience: Benetton and M-Cube’s Omnichannel Store Transformation

We have been working with the Group on all the in-store radio and digital signage projects since 2009.

Displays are positioned behind the checkout in every store, while an innovative structure is designed for the Man, Woman, and Child collections areas. Here a 46” displays, hung on the looms in a specific cage, can be moved and repositioned at any time with extreme ease. Near the checkout areas there are also some small video-walls.

The re-engineering of the entire communication process comprises:

  • The definition of a structured metadata Digital Signage platform, that can link photos and videos to languages and catalogs.
  • Fine tuning of a centralized control system, able to manage thousands of contents in 20 different language versions.
  • Organization of a distribution service of multimedia contents in the various points of sale of the Group, in a synchronous and asynchronous mode, handled directly by M-Cube.

Our collaboration with Benetton has led to the creation of an in-store environment. Customers feels emotionally involved by the brand, living immersive, rich and interactive experiences, customized, in a word “omnichannel”.