Land of Fashion: pioneer of omnichannel strategies in the retail world

Omnichannel Retail

The journey through the areas of the Land of Fashion continues with a new narrative framework that passes through all the expressions of the Land of Fashion Villages from next Fall: Dolce Vita.

The exclusively Italian nature of Land of Fashion, already emphasized by the inseparable bond with unique areas, becomes central in the new concept of communication of the  Land of Fashion Villages owned by Blackstone: Franciacorta, Mantova, Valdichiana, Palmanova and Puglia.

Dolce Vita is in the Italian culture, an attitude known all over the world, a lifestyle that characterizes the Italian people by elegance, imagination and creativity.


The Story

Some friends meet at the gates of the Villages to spend the day together:

Five characters, each one emblematic of the specific positioning of the villages of  Franciacorta, Mantova, Valdichiana, Palmanova and Puglia.

It is a simple and genuine story, made up of carefree and happy moments sharing shopping and other experiences, harmonized in the elegance of the images filmed by  Federico Brugia and by the rhythm of the soundtracks evocative of the 1960s’ atmosphere, composed especially for this project.

It is a project of five emotional videos that sees the five characters move between common passions and feelings in those magnificent places spread throughout Italy.

In the intention of the network’s new CEO, Volker Stinnes – at the head of the network since the beginning of 2020 – Dolce Vita is more than a territory of communication, it is a strategy of positioning, a grid of keywords, atmospheres and attitudes that will mark out from now on the boundaries of all the corporate and commercial activities of Land of Fashion, with all the targets.

The Dolce Vita campaign, which starts with the launch of the Land of Fashion Villages Fall campaigns, introduces a genuine, real and emotional language which will represent an actual step change in the way of communicating in the sector.

A new logo, together with a renewed corporate and brand image are the business cards of our Italy, the country of fashion but also of shared values.

There are five Land of Fashion Villages and five iconic areas of Italian Dolce Vita Villages, with a single common denominator: the visitors at the centre of each experience, the love for detail, the atmospheres, the attention to the local area and unique entertainment made up of tastings of excellence, art itineraries and much more, all imbued with an elegant and glamorous mood, typical of iconic Italian style.


The evolution: the new E-commerce

Land of Fashion precursor of omnichannel strategies in the retail world: its new e-commerce gets off to a start

In Italy the value of e-commerce-related transactions is in excess of euro 35 billion. The growth in recent years is also due to increased digitization: 90% of Italians aged between 11 and 74 have a fixed or mobile connection at their disposal.

Land of Fashion is the pioneer of this trend in the retail world  and from October the group’s new e-commerce platform with the two Villages of Mantova and Franciacorta will be on air, in the first step of the project: click & reserve, then click & collect to reach in a few months’ time a fully-fledged complete omnichannel experience.

A virtual wardrobe of pieces available immediately to collect later at the store, but also a first step towards what will be a complete e-commerce to integrate the Land of Fashion strategy based on the omnichannel experience and therefore capable of offerings its clients a complete and unique shopping experience of value.

The brick and mortar stores are therefore not destined to disappear, on the contrary, they . The experience in the point of sale in the areas of Land of Fashion continues to enhance the characteristics of the partner brands, now also offering the chance to experience purchasing in various ways, thanks also to the use of new technologies and the activation of various channels.

Personalization, customer satisfaction and creation of the offer are only some of the main aspects that Land of Fashion intends to explore in greater depth and manage through the new marketplace platform, pursuing the objective of an omnichannel shopping experience, thus meeting the advanced needs of consumers and making them feel truly at the centre through a constant updating of products, prices and all the information on availability in all the points of contact between the public and the brand.

The partner in the project is Stentle, a company belonging to the M-Cube Group, leader in in-store marketing solutions, credited as being amongst the first to intercept the evolving trends in retail and omnichannel purchasing. A landmark for the world of e-commerce in the fashion sector, the company collaborates with brands and retailers, helping them  to redesign the Customer Journey and the Shopping Experience, through the ‘Just Commerce’ platform, thanks to which it is possible to implement innovative solutions supporting the commercial process such as: omnichannel e-commerce, advanced contactless payment experiences and  instruments for sales assistants to recognize the client and handle orders and returns efficiently.

Stentle will guide the transformation of Land of Fashion’s digital platform, on the strength of its expertise and solid experience in the omnichannel world.

We are greatly honoured to be the partner of Land of Fashion and have the opportunity to offer our integrated solutions to improve the shopping experience, in the light of the increasing importance that e-commerce is having both for the consumer and for companies that decide to invest in digital innovation, at a time when the traditional models of doing business are undergoing radical change,” said Alexio Cassani, CEO of Stentle.

The numbers

Land of Fashion is the largest Italian Group of Villages, with over 150,000 square metres of GLA. Since the end of July 2020 it has reached a total of 2.5 million visitors, reaching 90% of the entrances recorded in the per-Covid area. It has over 600 boutiques distributed throughout Italy.






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