Specialized is a romantic story. It is a story driven by the passion of its founders, who are German cyclists. Since 1974, they have tried to understand the needs of those riding a bicycle. Its corporate focus is the sale of bicycles, clothing and accessories for cycling. Specialized provides everything you need for the world of cycling and strongly believes in the values that cycling transmits, such as respect for the environment and the world.


From Cyclists, For Cyclists: Specialized’s Digital Innovation with M-Cube

It says their slogan “Specialized, everything is created by cyclists, for cyclists” and is what you want to convey within its stores.
The store must be as close as possible to the individual needs of customers, creating a value link between the brand and riders, making them feel part of their world, helping their interaction with sales assistants. To achieve this, we needed to make changes. This is where our collaboration with Specialized comes into play. We created digital solutions that convey the emotions desired by the brand.

As Specialized retail manager Heiko Stark explains, M-Cube has equipped the Monaco store with 1,000 square meters of retail space. M-Cube has installed digital video technology on various levels.

Directly in the entrance area there are two large LED pillars, displaying the Specialized brand message to the rider. We installed a large screen at the stand in the bike handover area. We also placed several small screens that contain the lift-and-learn platform. There is also the possibility for the salesperson to enrich the customer conversation with digital content. The digital video technology helps the employee to offer the rider a unique shopping experience.

The screens fully transport the cyclist into the bicycle world. They can discover all the products and even simulate a bike ride.

M-Cube’s solutions enable both the customer and the salesperson to better meet the needs and expectations with the store’s offerings.

Our technology supported the culture and history of Specialized, which aims to transmit the true values of cycling to its customers – cyclists.