Sisley, an established fashion brand, originated in Paris in 1968 with its pioneering Denim collection. In 1974, it joined the Italian fashion company Benetton. However, it wasn’t until 1985 that Sisley developed its distinct and independent personality. Today, with over 900 points of sale worldwide, Sisley is celebrated for its strong, sexy, and unconventional character. It boasts a highly contemporary aesthetic, instantly recognizable.


Redefining Urban Fashion at Sisley Milan’s Flagship

Each season, Sisley unveils cutting-edge collections for both men and women. Its “fil rouge” collections emphasize fashion, quality and a keen awareness of the trends that captivate younger generations. The brand’s advertising reflects an urban, rhythmic style. It seamlessly integrates online and social activities to showcase Sisley’s dynamic world. However, Sisley ensures that creativity and innovation align with a precise commercial strategy focused on excellent value for money.

Together, we collaborated to renew its flagship in Milan, to convey, in the best way, Sisley style and its unmistakable characteristics. 

Commenting on the renovation, Francesca Svab, Sisley’s Marketing Manager, said: “Our flagship store in Milan S. Babila presents itself as an open environment facing the square, offering visibility inside the retail space and creating an enjoyable shopping experience. Minimal furnishings and a clear, simple purchasing process enhance this new approach to the shopping experience.”
We played a crucial role in the digitalization of the windows, including a prominent 69 sqm LED Wall with a 2.6mm pitch. 


Sisley’s Window to Innovation and Impact

According to Svab, this digitalization was key for the transformation and illustrating the brand’s messaging: “In such a central location in Milan, at the heart of the shopping district, digitizing the shop windows was a ‘no-brainer.’ The presence of LED walls enables us to convey the brand image and messages instantly, impactfully, and in a versatile manner.
The store windows now serve as a powerful communication channel, extending the reach of Sisley well beyond the store threshold, increasing the potential for entrances and footfall.”