The AW LAB’s strategy is to offer a wide selection of unique products from the major international sports brands, fashionable sport clothes and trainers.

The retail shops are redesigned to interpret the new brand identity and the in-store customer experience is to be enhanced through the digital experience of the new layout. The brand plans to deploy digital signage displays in the shop windows and behind the counters and to use the In-Store Eadio service to play music and provide information about their products.

AW LAB is looking to increase the ways of communication to reach their customers and innovative media can increase customer loyalty, improve clients communication and increase the number of sales.

AW LAB required to find a supplier with reliable technology and a professional service who could meet its communication needs. After a benchmark evaluation from current digital signage and in-store radio suppliers, AW LAB choses M-Cube to carry out both services.

M-Cube has supplied the digital signage monitors to the stores and manages the contents of the entire network based on the digital signage platform Scala.

The content, updated weekly in all the stores, include: product promotion videos and Partner’s TV adverts, AW LAB videos, live events and life-style videos to support the marketing campaigns in store.


The Digital Signage has boosted the marketing mix, integrating the in store communication with multimedia contents. It has a high impact and attracts the customer’s eye, becoming the distinctive feature of AW LAB’s shops. The in-store radio makes proximity marketing even more engaging and exciting, giving a strong brand identity to our stores through the music.

Rocco Carena, Marketing Manager AW LAB