“Prize of Prizes” National Award for Innovation

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We  had the honor of winning the “Prize of Prizes” National Award for Innovation. The recognition, along with the XII edition, was organized by the COTEC Foundation and granted by the President of the Republic. Every year it recognizes those who have distinguished themselves in the industry, design, and service industry, in Public Administration, and Universities for their originality in product development, processes, and business models innovation.


Our President Manlio Romanelli accepted the award on M-Cube’s behalf for “content creation and management and creating technological solutions for retail that value the consumer’s in-store purchasing experience.”


The ceremony was held at the CNR’s Convegni Hall. The Director of the University and Research Maria Cristina Messa, the Minister of Technological Innovation and Digital Transition Vittorio Colao, CNR President Maria Chiara Carrozza, and the Foundation’s President Fondazione Luigi Nicolais were all in attendance.


“We’re proud to receive such an important award,” Manlio Romanelli stated, “that recognizes the M-Cube’s value and our work in research and innovation. M-Cube is a company that works every day to improve itself and modernize processes through solutions and ideas that contribute to the company’s development and our clients’ satisfaction. We work in the world of retail, which is constantly evolving and has radically transformed in the past few years thanks to the exponential growth of digital solutions that revolutionize the customer experience and sales models that unite the online world with brick-and-mortar stores.”


The prestigious award incentivizes innovators to continue with their creative activity in order to develop a culture of improvement and making the public aware of the research topics and innovation.


Launched in 2008 by a Decree from the Prime Ministerial Decree, the “Prize of Prizes” is awarded by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Technological Innovation and Digital Transition, and the Department of Public Administration.


The Prize consists of recognition for advanced innovation, identified among those awarded annually in national competitions, representative of the vitality of the entrepreneurial Italian fabric whose success both in Italy and abroad is crucial to overcome the economic crisis caused by the pandemic and to achieve new objectives that the EU has established through the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience.


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