M-Cube Reflection: Looking back on 2022

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Manlio Romanelli, M-Cube Group President

It’s been a great year for M-Cube, with the company seeing some exciting developments.

For starters, we moved to a single platform to offer a unified, coherent and smooth experience with our DXP One platform. The DXP One is the latest-generation ‘Digital Experience Platform’ to guarantee multichannel management and state-of-the-art centralised architecture. It allows brands to create, distribute, and improve content management, as well as providing engagement and loyalty initiatives, and coordinating every type of action in an adaptive, cross-channel manner.

This year, we have been committed to strengthening the position of M-Cube as a dedicated partner to our clients by supporting them to build and design effective in store omnichannel strategies. Mastering an effective strategy is key and has tangible business benefits that can provide retailers with a competitive advantage. We are keen to continue evolving the shopping experience using omnichannel solutions.

We’ve also advanced our data analysis tools. There is a huge opportunity to use data to both attract and retain customers. We’re becoming experts in this field, especially leveraging data management and digital touchpoints to better service our customers. With data analysis, we can offer dynamic support for audio and video content management, creating unique and personalised experiences.

High impact installations have also become a key focus in our remit. A fantastic achievement in 2022 was designing and installing the second biggest outdoor LED wall in Europe at the Corner, Porta Garibaldi Train Station, Milan. The use of high-intensity LEDs allows for a brilliantly illuminated image, demonstrating the advances we have made with our innovation.

There has been constant growth of the business thanks to the investments within in-store digital solutions for luxury brands, the most important vertical of our business, and to the enlargement in new sectors, including the automotive industry.

An example of this was our collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana to design and install an immersive room in Milan. It recreated the fashion house’s four themes: Leopard, the Sicilian Cart, Zebra, and Mediterranean Blue. Plus, it used animated images, expressive videos, scenic element transformations, interactivity, worlds built with a surreal mix of settings and performers, and visual characteristics inspired by the fashion collections, allowing customers to immerse themselves in the world of Dolce&Gabbana. The immersive room that we created is the emblem of how digital tools can give life and portray emotions.

While 2022 has been challenging for all businesses, we’ve made fantastic progress with our growth. We hope to continue this trend and provide new solutions to improve the shopping experience. By constantly rethinking the way we shop and anticipating the trends for the future, we can stay one-step ahead. We want to be at the forefront of creating brand experiences that every customer will remember. It is time for retailers to put their best foot forward, and we’re committed to being the chosen partner that will support these journeys.

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