Ulloa Optico

Ulloa Optico is a eyewear brand present in Spain since 1919, establishing itself as a prominent name in the sector, offering a wide range of eyeglasses and sunglasses. Castor Ulloa’s pioneering and innovative spirit was the foundation of the brand.

The brand’s collections feature a fusion of classic and avant-garde elements, resulting in striking and innovative pieces. Over the years the brand has expanded, opening branches in Spain and continues to be active, as with the collaboration in 2017 with Zeiss, IED students from Barcelona and Madrid, for a digital manufacturing project for 3D glasses.


Ulloa Optico’s Dedication to Crafting Unique Customer Experiences

 For Ulloa Optico, the customer must be at the center of everything, allowing them to have the most interesting and engaging in-store experience possible. The store therefore tries to adapt as much as possible to design unique digital customer experiences.

How did Ulloa make the customer feel unique? By creating a special atmosphere within the store, making the testing of various eyewear models as simple but engaging as possible. 


Immersive Shopping: Ulloa’s Artwall Revolutionizes In-Store Experience

For their store in Calle Serrano, Madrid, we designed and supported Ulloa for the installation of a simple but effective artwall, a Digital Signage Solution able to enhance the customer experience, where clients become the absolute protagonists.

We seamlessly integrated the artwall into the custom-designed furniture within the store, creating an engaging visual display with the latest collections, campaigns and promotional brand content, to enhance the customer experience in the store.

Beside the artwall, we equipped 18 stores with music and 1 store with video content.

Ulloa, like many other brands, understands its customers’ needs.

At M-Cube, we support this understanding. We know customers want to feel special when they enter a store. Our solution for Ulloa ensures this. Customers feel understood and find their perfect product.

We seamlessly integrated the artwall into custom-designed furniture. This creates an immersive visual display. It showcases the brand’s latest collections, campaigns, and promotional content. All of this enhances the in-store customer experience.