Tiare Shopping Centre

The renovation of Piazza Maravee, at the heart of the Tiare Shopping Centre, is the result of daring digital design. The development includes two opposing installations: the first is an extraordinary double-sided structure suspended from the central dome over the piazza, while the second rises up from the floor. The overall effect is completed by a long panel of screens that adopts a playful asymmetrical ribbon shape, hanging between the first and second floors of the food court, along with a third totem that rises from the gallery. M-Cube was responsible for every step in the design process: study and analysis of the location, conception, installation and activation.

Using LED technology, two opposing double-sided totems were created, one rising from the floor and the other suspended above, as well as a curved LED panel structure around the court gallery (approx. 60 m x 2.5 m) with an additional totem of approximately 8m tall. This makes a total of 600 cabinets with 240 m2 of video surface and 4K resolution. The LEDs have a 6 mm pixel pitch which guarantees the highest visual definition.

“Consumer expectations are evolving and consequently sales spaces must evolve too, guided by technology, urbanisation and sustainability. With these new installations, we have created an agora 4.0, adding value for both our clients and our commercial partners.”

Giuliana Boiano, Meeting Place Manager Tiare Shopping