Montblanc was founded in 1906 in Hamburg (Germany). Born as a manufacturer of writing instruments, the brand has extended its value over the years. Its ambition to produce excellent pens has led to the creation of fine leather goods and personal objects, from jewelry to a significant collection of watches. MontBlanc crafts each product with utmost care and authentic passion. Agility, alignment, empowerment, excellence, and respect are the fundamentals of the brand, the principles of the company.

In the early 2000s, MontBlanc brought its sophisticated and prestigious style to its first collections of perfumes, glasses and high-end jewelry. Since 2008 it has been part of the Richemont Group. 

Tradition Meets Technology: Montblanc ‘s Digital Display in Hamburg

Montblanc, a classic-style brand, expresses its pioneering spirit by combining its classicism with our technology. This is achieved through a digital installation. Through this dualism of tradition and digital technology, Montblanc speaks to its customers. It tells them its centuries-old history in a perfect contemporary key.

Specifically, we refer to the installation at their store in Hamburg (Neuer Wall). The brand wants to capture the attention of passers-by and customers, stimulating curiosity about its products and encouraging people to enter the store.

The 1.5 m x 5 m (4.92 feet x 16 feet, 12m²) DIGITAL LED FAÇADE installation is located in the shop window next to the store entrance and showcases the Montblanc collection’s fabulous content. During the boutique’s renovation, the team installed the screen very quickly, setting a record time.

The solution’s dimensions and placement in the shop windows provides the brand with high visibility and increased brand awareness, communicating with clients in a simple and highly effective manner.

We have also equipped 150 boutiques, 300 players worldwide, custom sound designs, digital signage, service, hardware, led.