Spazio Lenovo

Lenovo, since 1984, is one of the largest technology multinationals in the world. Born in China, it represents its focus through the presence of desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, and modern devices in the market. The vision behind the company is very clear: making innovative technologies accessible to all, developing solutions for a more inclusive and sustainable digital society.
How does this strategy develop? By designing, building and creating a portfolio of state-of-the-art devices that can drive the intelligent transformation process to create better opportunities for millions of customers worldwide.


Spazio Lenovo: Where Innovation Meets Emotion in Milan

The client had presented a clear challenge: to create a high-impact visual experience that not only “communicated” the product but also conveyed the brand’s highly innovative personality.

An experiential, cultural and social ecosystem dedicated to technological and digital innovation. Lenovo defines its first European concept store in Milan.

It was recently inaugurated, just a short distance from the famous Duomo Cathedral. Spazio Lenovo exemplifies a new store philosophy. The main aim is to stimulate visitors emotionally, rather than focus solely on commercial goals. With this objective in mind, Lenovo created a design. It ensured every single corner of the space would intensely stimulate the senses.


Innovative Spaces: Inside the Dynamic World of Spazio Lenovo

After a careful assessment of the space, the different light sources and the client brief, M-Cube installed a first 4,000 x 4,000 mm LED wall overlooking the large ground-floor exhibition area and clearly visible from outside.

The vast second floor is home to the Lenovo Garden. The second LED Wall (4,000 x 2,500 mm) maintains the same style as the majestic LED wall on the ground floor. Two 98-inch screens accompany it, situated on either side of the area. These screens are designed to showcase Lenovo and Motorola products and to host virtual reality simulations.

A second LED wall sets the mood for the Business Centre. It introduces events and displays visual elements in keeping with the professional context. Inside the Business Centre, nine 55-inch monitors form a 3 x 3 Video Wall used for presentations. Another supporting 55-inch monitor is placed on the side wall. Each of the two meeting rooms has a 75-inch monitor to aid meetings. A second independent audio & video rack manages the entire floor.

Spazio Lenovo is (also) a technology store but more than anything, it is a place where visitors can see and touch innovation, immerse themselves in the sounds and colors of technology, take part in inspirational workshops and network.