Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom stands as a prominent global player in the telecommunications industry. The brand serves millions of mobile and fixed-network customers across more than 50 countries. With a dedicated workforce of nearly 200,000 employees, the company is undergoing a transformative journey into a digital telco. Its focus is on enhancing customer satisfaction and expanding infrastructure to meet the evolving demands for broadband connectivity.

In addition to providing comprehensive IT solutions for businesses globally, Deutsche Telekom emphasizes sustainability.
It integrates economic, social, and environmental considerations into its operations. Through Green initiatives, the company strives to offer products and services. These not only meet the needs of its customers but also contribute positively to climate protection and societal challenges in the digital age.


The Power of Sound: Transforming Deutsche Telekom Stores with Audio Technology

Deutsche Telekom wanted to create an outstanding audio experience to improve the customer journey, to shorten the waiting time and to navigate customers through the different zones inside the shop.

The idea of the audio concept was designed by Klangerfinder GmbH & Co KG., some Telekom-branded audio effects, jingles and soundscapes and have been designed and provided by S12 GmbH.

M-Cube designed the technical concept and selected the best-in-class wifi audio hardware. We managed the installation, developed the in-store music profile, and curate the daily music playlists. Additionally, we provide the full maintenance service. The brand new audio concept incorporates various features. These include welcome sounds with automated customer detection, multiple audio zones, nature sounds, corporate jingles, and an immersive sound wave effect that runs from speaker to speaker.

The idea of the new instore audio concept was to showcase what’s possible today to engage and entertain customers in retail stores using an overall audio experience. Some of the new audio features will be implemented in more Telekom stores.

Since 2020 M-Cube equipped about 300 stores throughout Germany with a Telekom-branded in-store music design and high quality audio equipment. Our team closely collaborates with Telekom retail design, shop fitting, brand management and various architects to deliver an outstanding in-store music experience and to underline the musical approach in Telekom’s overall brand communication.