Casa del Libro

Founded in 1923, Casa del Libro is the leading bookstore chain in the industry, in Spain.
In 1992 it joined Grupo Planeta, while in 1996 it opened its virtual library and in 1999 began an expansion phase, locating itself in the best shopping areas of the main Spanish cities, for a total of 57 libraries. The brand has become a beloved destination for book lovers and offers a wide range of books and creates a welcoming environment for readers of all ages. 

In 1996, was born. It’s the virtual library of the chain that allows the shipment of books to all five continents. It ensures a large bibliographic fund supported by the experience of booksellers and internet experts for more than a decade.

Their stores are more than just book retailers. They serve as cultural hubs where customers can explore a vast collection of books. 

They often host book presentations, author talks and literary discussions, giving readers the chance to engage with their favorite authors, discover new voices, and explore various literary topics.

Its stores are designed to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. 


Can Technology Succeed in a Cozy Environment?

Despite the success of its stores in Spain, Casa del libro wanted something more. In fact, citing (in a broad sense) the Latin phrase “Nomen Omen”, they wanted to be a space even more welcoming, interactive and supportive: wanted to make its readers feel relaxed and welcomed, just like in a home.

And we are grateful to be a part of this project. Our solution empowers their cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Through our innovative interactive digital solutions, we can support readers during the search, choice and purchase processes. 


Casa del Libro: Tradition Integrated with Digital Signage Experience

Our collaboration with Casa del Libro is the demonstration of how technology can be integrated even in one of the most traditional sectors of retail, taking the store beyond the concept of point of sale, as a digital and immersive space, where customers can truly connect to each other and with the brand. With our solutions screens, led, both indoor and outdoor, has managed to draw attention to its own store, increasing traffic in the store and involving the reader and people who have always been resistant to reading to attend the bookshops.