Ajax Arena Champions Lounge

Ajax Arena Champions Lounge is an exclusive retreat for those seeking a first-class experience during events at the Amsterdam Arena, one of Europe’s most prestigious stadiums. This space offers much more than just seating; it’s designed to cater to the desires of the most discerning guests.


Premium Services in the Ajax Arena Champions Lounge

Inside the Champions Lounge, guests can enjoy a full range of premium services. This includes access to exclusive bars and restaurants, that serve refined dishes and high-quality drinks. Menus often feature a selection of local and international gourmet dishes paired with a wide choice of wines, cocktails, and other beverages.

The furniture and decorations convey a sense of luxury and attention to detail. They feature top-quality furnishings chosen with taste and precision. Industry experts crafted an impeccable environment. They maximized the available space to create a unique and evocative atmosphere reminiscent of Johan Cruyff’s living room.


Why Choose Ajax Arena Champions Lounge for Events?

The Champions Lounge offers privileged seating that provides impeccable views of the action on the field. These premium seats allow guests to enjoy sporting events or other shows in complete comfort and luxury, while ensuring an unforgettable experience.

This exclusive lounge is also an ideal venue for informal meetings and networking. Guests have the opportunity to meet other sports enthusiasts, business executives, and influential personalities, creating unique opportunities for connection and collaboration.

For those seeking a superior experience during events, the Champions Lounge is the perfect choice. With first-class services, privileged seating, and an exclusive atmosphere, it offers a unique way to experience sports and entertainment events.


M-Cube: Digital Signage Partner

M-Cube is pleased to announce its partnership with the Ajax Arena Champions Lounge as the exclusive technology provider of Digital Signage. This collaboration reflects our dedication to delivering top-tier visual solutions and our commitment to excellence in every project.

We are honoured to have been selected for this role and look forward to working closely with the Champions Lounge team, to enhance the guest experience. With our Digital solutions, we aim to contribute to the overall ambiance and prestige of this renowned venue.

Our focus remains on delivering quality and innovation, and we are excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring. We are confident that our collaboration will result in memorable experiences for guests of the Ajax Arena.