M-Cube acquires the Belgian Storever

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The Italian group, a leader in the creation of audio-visual and interactive in-store marketing solutions, has acquired a 100% stake in Storever, a member of the listed AudioValley group, reaching more than 400 customers portfolio with over 45,000 stores in  85 countries.


M-Cube Digital Engagement, a leading Italian group in the creation of audio-visual in-store marketing solutions, has signed with the shareholders of Storever, and, in particular, with the majority shareholder Audio Valley SA, the acquisition of a 100% stake in Storever, based in Belgium and operating in France, Germany, Spain and China.


Storever is a leading international company in the supply of in-store radio and digital signage services and is a member of the Audio Valley SA Group. Founded in Belgium in 2003 and with offices in Europe and China, Storever has over 170 customers in 60 countries, with 16,000 stores throughout the world.


This operation enriches the portfolio of M-Cube, bringing it to over 400 customer brands for over 45,000 stores served throughout the world: the company, founded in Trieste in 2001, thus becomes the leading European group in the in-store radio and digital engagement industry.


The current CEO of the Storever Group, Bernd Hofstoetter, will continue to work for the M-Cube group, bringing his experience and enriching the team already leader in in-store digital engagement.


Manlio Romanelli, CEO of M-Cube, said: “With this acquisition, the M-Cube group joins forces with an established player  in the industry, strengthening its presence in France and China where we are already present and allowing us to enter the markets in Belgium, Germany and Spain as leaders”.

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