The importance of the employee experience: The value of Sales Assistant inside the store

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Leonardo Comelli took part to the panel:

‘Beyond linearity: the role of digital in the designing new meanings for Employee Experience’


Yesterday M-Cube participated in the 2022 edition of Osservatorio Innovazione Digitale del Retail hosted by Politecnico di Milano, core point for the retail context and infrastructure analysis in Italy and the world.


Our Business Director Leonardo Comelli took part in the panel ‘Beyond linearity: the role of digital in the designing new meanings for Employee Experience’ and in his speech he addresses the importance of employee experience and the critical role played by in-store sales assistants in achieving strategic and sales goals.


Leonardo showed how the digital experience can find balance between the necessity for digital innovation, essential for an efficient customer experience, the retailer and employee needs, who often reach high levels of stress due to the constant introduction of innovation, sometimes more functional as a sales push tool than as support for teamwork.


“For more than 20 years M-Cube design experience for retail – Leonardo Comelli stated – One example can be the in-store music, initially introduced with a completely customer- oriented logic does not take in account the repercussions on the employees, who find themselves forced to listen to the same songs for the entire work shift. Nowadays brands decided to invest not only on the customer experience but also on the well-being of their employees, and the in-store radio radically changed their life inside the store by offering a diverse palimpsest that is no longer repetitive”

“M-Cube – he concludes – has equipped itself with specific teams able to create an in-store experience satisfying and functional for the brand, the customer and the employees: in this way bad practices can be permanently avoided”.

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