The evolution of the physical store as reported by the BBC

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London, 2-3 May 2018, Olympia Retail Business Technology Expo. Spotlight on THE DIGITAL STORE, where technology, customer experience and operational efficiency come together. M-Cube, in partnership with BT, talks to the BBC about the evolution of the physical store.

The evolution of the physical store as reported by the BBC Breakfast News, which dedicated a live special to RBTE 2018 in London on 2 May 2018. The special focused on the Retail sector, which was explained to the public using THE DIGITAL STORE, the stand presented by BT and technological partner M-Cube. Evocative technological choreography in a space of 127 m2 with different corners dedicated to Fashion, Beauty and Grocery areas, each with innovative solutions focused on the purchase experience and brand operational efficiency.

The return of the physical store
The context is all too familiar: in the highly competitive UK and US markets, large retail chains have seen their profits eroded by e-commerce giants in recent years. Many historic brands have been forced to drastically reduce their sales network or have even gone into liquidation. But, as analysts point out, the crisis of the traditional store is a great opportunity to rethink models and offers. The fact is, consumers really like in-store shopping. Especially if the purchase experience offers the quality and immediacy typical of e-commerce, combined with the powerful sensations and attraction typical of the physical store. The change must therefore be led by a combination of creativity and technology, in order to propose new designs and a new look and feel.

The evolution of the physical store: magic or technology?
Digital signage, smart labels, interactive displays and electronic tags are the stars of THE DIGITAL STORE. Highly integrated, each technological feature is both a functional piece of furnishing and a strategic communication and business touch point. Design 4.0 makes interaction with brands and products more attractive by converging the Internet of Things, Cloud, Big Data and Augmented Reality. From RFID tracking of goods around the store to the virtual dressing room for retail and fashion, from interactive kiosks with Place & Learn and product comparison solutions to monitor arrays for the display shelves, and from elegant electronic shelf labels in the Grocery/Retail area to Make-up Virtual Try-On in the Beauty area. In all of this, digital signage has shown what it can do in every format and every dimension, starting from the maxi LED Wall, an architectural element that is highly striking and dynamic thanks to its bright colours and shapes.

Enjoy watching.

Maria Elena Romanelli, M-Cube Digital Engagement

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