The advantages of in-store radio

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In-Store Radio

The In-Store Radio service can support retailers as they reopen to the public with clear and direct real-time communication to customers and staff of new regulations implemented to ensure safety within the store and assistance in creating a calm and welcoming environment.

The In-Store Radio becomes a primary means of communication within the store: it is versatile and easily adapted to any context.

Any messages will reach everybody in the store. Playlists and announcements are directly handled by the M-CUBE team via the dedicated platform.


Music is inspiring, moving and influential; the language of music can be used to convey specific moods and values.

In these past two months, music has been one of the glues that has kept people together. During the sensitive process of reopening to the public, the brand’s values and identity can be reinforced with a powerful and emotional tool: the unifying power of music.

The in-store music becomes a fundamental tool for creating the right mood, a peaceful, relaxed, and reassuring atmosphere for example.

Our team of Sound Designers has already prepared some playlists for this specific period in time and is on hand to support you in the development and creation of the right playlist for your brand.

Messages & Announcements

The In-Store Radio is particularly useful for the effective communication of messages and announcements to the entire store.

Our team will assist with the creation of messages and announcements destined for both staff and clients, ensuring a safe customer journey in keeping with current guidelines.

M-CUBE has created a database of announcements and messages that can be used in-store immediately.

Communication for Customers

We envisage two types of communication for customers


  • Inform customers about the measures taken by the company to guarantee the safety of the store and products.
  • Remind customers of all the services provided by the brand for a safe shopping experience, such as home delivery, online shopping, in-store appointments, cashless payments and so on.
  • Remind customers about the safety devices provided in-store.


Messages intended to create a positive and reassuring atmosphere for customers in the store and to show that the brand cares about its customers.

  • “Welcome back” to the store.
  • A thank-you to customers for returning to the store.
  • Apologies for the minor inconveniences involved in the reopening process, such as queues at the entrance or limited availability of some items.
  • An invitation for customers to share their in-store experience on social media.

One idea to reassure customers that the brand cares about them might for a personality that embodies and represents the brand’s values to record emotional messages.

Communication for the Staff

For the Sales Team, In-Store Radio can:

  • Communicate the measures adopted by the company to guarantee staff safety within the store.
  • Provide information about the protocols and guidelines adopted by the company, which all staff are expected to follow.
  • Maintain a calm and positive environment for staff members, with specific messages at opening and closing times.

On Demand Communication

The sales team will be able to independently control specific messages using the dedicated app


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