Reflecting on ISE 2024: A Milestone Celebration of Innovation

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In February 2024, Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) marked its 20th anniversary with a spectacular showcase of technological prowess and immersive experiences. With 1350 exhibitors and nearly 74,000 visitors gathered over four days, ISE 2024 set new benchmarks for the industry.

At the heart of this celebration was our contribution – crafting emotional video content for the Time Tunnel, a centerpiece highlighting ISE’s incredible journey over two decades.




But our involvement went beyond mere content creation; it was an opportunity to demonstrate our ability to integrate different technologies seamlessly, creating vivid and unforgettable experiences. Throughout the event, we captivated, entertained, and stirred emotions in numerous AV professionals.



From inviting visitors to explore diverse spaces to taking a dip into the ocean or simply lounging at the bottom of a swimming pool, our digital experiences immersed attendees in a world of possibilities. As we look back on ISE 2024, we are proud to have played a part in showcasing the transformative power of technology and storytelling.

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