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The increasingly central role of music for brand identity: fundamental is the human component to optimise music designing

In 2001 M-Cube was born to offer music services and in-store radio for brands. Today, we provide an international team of producers, sound designers, composers and musicians dedicated to design in-store radios and soundtracks respecting the values of each brand.

The human component is essential to build the perfect soundtrack in line with the brands’ personality, designing a shopping experience that over years we have enriched with interactive and omnichannel video technologies to maximise the engagement of the consumer. Our sound designers deal with every part of the soundtrack creation, from the composition and production of spoken contents to copyright and music licensing.

Music thus becomes a crucial tool of engagement to communicate within the stores in an appealing and immersive way, taking the customer through the values and history of the brand.

The stages of this work are different and entirely managed in cooperation with the marketing divisions of each brand. We start with the analysis of the brands’ characteristics by using the “Brand Bible” which is indispensable to read and to understand the terminology used to describe the identity of the brand and by mapping the type of clientele, staff, and shop characteristics. The analysis is then translated in musical terms and reviewed with the client through combined listening sessions to obtain a fine-tuning of the first selection. From this point onwards, the actual creation of the music schedule begins.

Mike Sponza, Head of Music and Co-founder: “The human component, together with A.I. algorithms, allows us to create an accurate and highly targeted music schedule, not only on the brand itself but on the single characteristics of each shop as well. This dynamism, applied to a vertical competence and to a strong engagement with those who work and those who buy in the shops, are aspects that M-Cube takes the most care of with more than twenty years of experience in the sector. This process demands a final and strong control from music designers, who provide their music knowledge and intuition in the selection of artists in line with the philosophy of the brand, increasingly important aspects that cannot be exclusively assigned to algorithms and artificial intelligence.”

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