New “Green Signage” Protocol Cuts Energy Consumption by Up to 50%

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M-Cube has launched its ‘Green Signage’ protocol, enabling retailers to reduce digital signage energy consumption by up to 50%.

This announcement coincides with the European Union’s new Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation, which promotes enhanced sustainability in product design.


Key Features of the ‘Green Signage’ Protocol:

The ‘Green Signage’ M-Cube protocol is composed of four technologies: power steer, content playout, visualisation tuning, and content creation. These technologies integrate seamlessly in-store for retailers, ensuring a smooth transition to more sustainable practices.

  1. Power Steer: Utilizes smart sockets that deliver regular energy reports and schedule disconnections to save energy.
  2. Content Playout: Employs a bespoke Video Player platform with settings designed to minimize energy consumption.
  3. Visualisation Tuning: Involves specialized tuning of LCD/LED screens to meet green parameters.
  4. Content Creation: Focuses on creating content that is optimized for energy efficiency.


When these technologies are correctly implemented as part of the ‘Green Signage’ protocol, energy consumption can be reduced by 30% to 50%.

These results have been verified through rigorous lab testing and certification by IMQ, Italy’s leading certification body.


Benefits for Retailers:

  • Significant reduction in energy costs.
  • Ability to remotely control displays.
  • Compliance with new sustainability regulations.

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