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M-Cube consolidates its position as the leading in-store digital engagement company in Europe with offices in Paris and London and its first international acquisitions.

Italian Group M-Cube Digital Engagement, leader in the creation of audio-visual and interactive solutions for in-store marketing for major Italian retail and fashion brands, confirms its international development strategy with the opening of new branches in Paris and London and its first international acquisition with the absorption of &AlchemyDigital.

In recent years, M-Cube Digital Engagement, an Italian pioneer of in-store radio services for retail chains in Italy and one of the first companies to introduce digital signage to the country, has built a unique brand that offers a complete in-store marketing and digital engagement service, managing every individual phase including design, content creation, deployment and global management. The company continues to consolidate its business with the opening of two offices in Europe.

The past twelve months have seen a strong increase in business, with an expected turnover of 18 million euros from the Italian office in 2018, growth of 36% since 2017. In February 2018, the M-Cube Digital Engagement France branch opened in Paris, a decision of strategic importance for the continued management of existing projects in the area. As CEO Manlio Romanelli explained,

France is a market that shows strong growth but remains split between many small players who do not have the capacity to operate on an international scale and to create and physically deploy a complete in-store communication strategy in line with what brands need. Our ambition and vision was to fill this gap in the market.

In May 2018, the M-Cube UK Digital Engagement LTD office opened in London under the direction of Country Manager Alexios Blanos, former technical director, current Worldwide Business Development Director and a member of the M-Cube Digital Engagement team since 2003.

Further developments on the UK market included the conclusion of the first M-Cube UK Digital Engagement international operation with the acquisition of &AlchemyDigital LTD, a London-based digital signage consulting company. The company provides a complete range of services, from content management to project management and delivery, and boasts both local and international brands among its current clients, therefore expanding the M-Cube UK group and adding further value to the services provided by the English office. The director of &AlchemyDigital, Sean Wilms, supports Country Manager Alexios Blanos in coordinating company activity.

We are very pleased with the opening of the M-Cube UK Digital Engagement office, a move we have been preparing for some time as we have been operating in the area for a few years now. Furthermore, the strategic acquisition of &AlchemyDigital allows us to provide a quality service to our partners and clients and to handle major new international projects directly from London. We have high expectations from our UK office – adds Alexios Blanos.

The company, which already affirmed its international presence with the opening of operational offices in Shanghai and New York in 2014 and today manages over 18,000 in-store radio, digital signage and interactive solutions for over 130 brands in 85 countries, closed 2018 with some great results and achievements. The M-Cube Digital Engagement Group can tick off two important expansion operations and the consolidation of an Italian success story that has rapidly evolved and expanded within a few years.

Our international expansion strategy, reinforced by our partner HLD Europe, is rapidly transforming our company into a solid partner for our clients’ in-store digital transformation. In the near future, we intend to continue in the same vein, with both external growth and the expansion of our technological capabilities, in particular in the fields of O2O experience, customer recognition and data analysis.

Manlio Romanelli, CEO, M-Cube Digital Engagement


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