Digital signage solutions: what’s new?

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State of the art technologies and innovation are the key words that best express the company strategy adopted by M-Cube to satisfy the demands of a market ever more open to digital solutions and interaction with the consumer.

M-Cube, leading company in the creation of digital audio-visual solutions for in-store marketing, is introducing new solutions in the field of digital signage. As a company always aware of the market’s changes and demands, and at the cutting edge technologically, M-Cube offers two new solutions to help the digitalization process of the retail market: the Virtual Assistant and the Endless Aisle

The huge expansion in mobile technologies has brought changes also to the interaction between consumer and sales point. With more and more people always connected, through smart-phone and tablets for example, the retail market must be in a position to interact with this new technology in order to remain competitive. M-Cube has come up with an answer to this demand by investing in highly innovative solutions such as the virtual assistant and the endless aisle.

Virtual Assistant:

It is a solution based on the recognition of RIFD labels, nowadays used in every commercial chain. Inside the fitting room a screen can read the labels and visualize all the items. After trying the garments the customer will be able, without leaving the changing room and with the use of a touch screen, to request different sizes/colours. The request will appear in the tablet of the sales assistant who will then confirm receipt of the message and deliver the items directly to the fitting room.

The advantages of this solution are many: from a better experience for the customer – who can manage the orders directly from the changing room – to the possibility of setting up cross- selling campaigns and show on the screen suggestions for matching items. The outcome is an increase in sales and customer loyalty.

Endless Aisle:

This is a perfect solution for Fashion & Luxury brands as it guarantees a very highly personalized service. The digital catalogue will show all items on sale, including those not on display, and improve the sales experience with specific contents for each customer. All information is available on the sales staff tablets and can be shown on the screens in the store according to the needs and requirements of the client (e.g. video, total look, product history, etc.).
In this way the buying experience becomes unique and highly personalized, in line with the requirements of luxury brands, where the interaction is usually one-to-one.

Next to these solutions there is also the Beacon technology, that allows retailers to interact in real time with the brand’s app, providing a personalized customer experience everywhere. It is possible to send personalized messages to the customer smartphone, or to interact directly in the store with advice on the products and offers based on the purchase history of the customer.

This allows to improve the buying experience, strengthen customer loyalty, and also to create highly targeted marketing campaigns with a much better return on the investment.

Now that mobile communication is becoming the dominant technology, the digital signage market offers an enormous potential. M-Cube’s strategies of research and development have always been based on the study of the market’s dynamics and the anticipation of customers demands, to be able to develop business solutions that can optimise the investments and guarantee better returns, both economically and in terms of awareness. These new solutions are leading exactly in this direction: sales points will become more and more digitalized, and those ready to take the opportunity will enjoy a huge competitive advantage.

Leonardo Comelli, M-Cube’s sales director.


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