M-Cube is part of Intesa Sanpaolo’s 2020 ‘Imprese Vincenti’

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The Group is amongst the companies selected from all over Italy to be part of the Intesa Sanpaolo programme which puts the spotlight on entrepreneurial excellence as a model to relaunch the Italian economy.


A prestigious milestone for the M-Cube Groupvselected for “Imprese Vincenti 2020”, the enhancement program wanted by Intesa Sanpaolo that offers Italian companies the tools to support their growth and market positioning.

In its second edition “Imprese Vincenti” selected one hundred and forty-four companies, all medium-sized firms that have enriched their experiences with tools able to boost growth.

The selection aims to reward companies that are ready to make a “dimensional leap”. They all reflect the typical nature of their Italian geographical area but have also been able to grow internationally, investing and pursuing virtuous policies both at the business level and in human resource management.

M-Cube has grown  internationally thanks to the finalisation of 5 acquisitions in the past 18 months (the British &AlchemyDigital, the French Carlipa, the Belgian Storever and the Italian Stentle and Videomobile) which put the company in a position of European leadership.

Thanks to these achievements, the Group met the criteria of excellence which were fixed for this year’s programme, standing out for investments, innovation, sustainability, development of people and skills, internationalisation, relations with the local area and generational change.

Manlio Romanelli, Group CEO of M-Cube, says: “This recognition comes in a year of great difficulty at a global level: Italian SMEs have had to face up to an unprecedented crisis. M-Cube, like so many other small and medium companies, were able to face up to this challenging time, which allowed us to continue to work and grow, being able to stand out in Italy and Europe thanks to courageous choices and major investments. We are ready to face a new year full of innovations and we thank Intesa Sanpaolo for the confidence it has placed in us and for the chance to take a further leap forward in developing our entrepreneurial awareness.”

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