Identità Golose: the first International Gastronomy Hub

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There is a new destination in Milan, just a stone’s throw from Piazza della Scala and the Via Montenapoleone fashion district, that is quite unlike anything else on the international panorama: Identità Golose Milano. In collaboration with Samsung Italia, M-Cube Digital Engagement curated the technical and digital set-up for this new venue, creating LED wall installations and an engaging interactive app for the wine list.

Identità Golose Milano is located at Via Romagnosi 3, an address that is renowned for having been home to the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation for over half a century.
Identità Golose has already made a name for itself thanks to another huge initiative: the Identità Expo temporary restaurant. An attraction that hosted 200 chefs from Italy and the rest of the world and welcomed over 56,000 guests to its table. It was this experience at Expo that inspired them to “create a new stage”, explain Paolo Marchi and Claudio Ceroni, founders of Identità Golose, the international convention that has explored the evolution of haute cuisine and patisserie in Italy and around the world for the past 15 years. This new stage would become Identità Golose Milano – the first International Gastronomy Hub, designed to host different initiatives dedicated to fine dining and its greatest chefs. Identità Golose Milano opened to the public on Thursday 20 September and promises to be a new addition to your list of favourite restaurants, open every day with its extensive menus for lunch and dinner.


Our objective was to create a dynamic and contemporary environment” explains Claudio Ceroni, “somewhere that we could showcase the best chefs without an unnecessarily formal setting. We have created a space that will welcome a mixed public genuinely interested in experimentation and discovery.

Extensive renovation of the existing space was required to bring this singular new Hub concept to life, with changes made to the original building itself. The tradition inherent to the address was combined with technological innovation from M-Cube Digital Engagement, chosen by Identità Golose as the ideal partner for development of a digital engagement project. In close collaboration with Samsung Italia, M-Cube installed LED walls at the magnificent venue as well as a selection of content displayed on rotation. The showpiece of the entire visual project is a surprising interactive app for the wine list: a virtual wine cellar that presents a selection of fine wines for visitors to browse at leisure from their own devices. A digital experience that proved popular with Identità Golose guests from the moment the doors opened.

Identità Golose Milano is an innovative concept that has embraced collaboration, consultancy and partnership with excellent Italian companies such as M-Cube, as well as various prestigious international brands. While M-Cube curated the digital and interactive elements, the iconic furnishings were provided by other renowned brands, including Davide Groppi for light design; Berto’s for professional kitchens; Valcucine for the furnishing in the event space, the cocktail bar, the chef’s table and the open cellar; and Caraiba for the table settings.

All that remains is for us to highly recommend that you visit Identità Golose Milano for an enjoyable and authentic experience of haute cuisine and… digital engagement!

Milano, 21 September 2018

M-CUBE Digital Engagement – Press Office

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