M-Cube acquires 66% of Stentle

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M-Cube Digital Engagement, Italian leader in the creation of audio-visual and interactive in-store marketing solutions for major retail and fashion brands, has acquired a majority stake in leading Milanese company Stentle SRL, which helps brands and retailers to redesign the customer journey and shopping experience.

Milan, 4 February 2019 – M-Cube Digital Engagement, leading Italian company in the creation of audio-visual solutions for in-store marketing, expands its offer on the market with the strategic acquisition of 66% of Stentle, a startup created to intercept evolutionary trends in the retail sector. The acquisition is part of the international growth strategy that M-Cube has implemented since it was first founded in Trieste in 2001.

Founded and run by Alexio Cassani, Stentle launched the Just Commerce platform, a tool kit containing services such as cloud and mobile apps for retail chains. Stentle’s solutions, which integrate with the client brand’s legacy systems, support employees throughout the sales process: from recognising individual customers to creating a personalised journey that uses online logic in the physical store.

Stentle has therefore created its value proposition around a series of services and tools intended to provide a continuous customer journey through physical and digital touchpoints and reinforce the Shopping Experience. M-Cube, a leading company in the In-store Digital Entertainment sector, immediately realised the potential and strategic importance that collaboration between the two companies might generate for their client portfolios and decided to pursue this opportunity.

We were sold on the M-Cube acquisition from day one. As a startup, it represented a long-awaited opportunity to access an international market, immediately accelerating our sales and establishing us more firmly both with our clients and in terms of our internal organisation.

Stentle CEO, Alexio Cassani.

With this acquisition, M-Cube is responding to growing market demand to transform the customer’s in-store visit into an increasingly unique experience, with the dual objective of making them feel recognised and pampered and multiplying purchase opportunities.

Manlio Romanelli, CEO of the M-Cube Group.

Stentle SRL will become part of the M-Cube Group but maintain operative autonomy under the management of partner and CEO Alexio Cassani. Manlio Romanelli and Massimo Ceola will take on the roles of President and Commercial Director of the company respectively.


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