M-Cube partner with Reforest’Action

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In honour of Earth Day, many companies are stepping up their efforts to promote sustainable practices and protect the environment. The official theme this year is ’Invest In Our Planet’. At M-Cube, we are committed to upholding our corporate responsibility by supporting Reforest’Action’s crowd-planting initiative. This partnership will see M-Cube plant trees across the World  as it continues its journey towards a long term zero carbon footprint strategy.


Reforest’Action is a dynamic and climate-focused organisation with a mission to preserve, restore and create forests around the world using crowdfunding. It works with environmental specialists to improve the biodiversity of various ecosystems and develop their multiple environmental, social and economic benefits over the long term.


M-Cube is proud to be a part of this initiative, which has already started projects in Rodonia, Brazil, Guizhou, China, and San Godenzo, Italy. In Rodonia, degraded forests are being restored using agroforestry techniques. In Guizhou, Reforest’Action is supporting the revival of perennial ecosystems within an emerging forest. Closer to home, in the San Godenzo district,  Italy, Reforest’Action is creating a sustainable ecosystem that serves the community.


We believe that investing in the planet is fundamental, and that’s why we’re thrilled to support Reforest’Action’s mission. By doing so, we hope to play a role in protecting our planet and promoting a more sustainable future. 

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