2019: a year full of achievements!

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M-Cube: 2019 shows strong growth with four international acquisitions and a new HUB of 2000 square metres on the edge of Milan

It was a year rich in achievements for the leading Italian company in digital retail services, with acquisitions in the UK, France and Belgium, a client portfolio of over 400 companies in 85 countries and the opening of the ”European Logistic & Operation Hub” in Rh

M-Cube, a leading Italian company in digital engagement services dedicated to retail, closes 2019 with a very positive result, after finalizing 4 international acquisitions and an end of year turnover of over euro 45 million.

The acquisitions of international competitors signed between the end of 2018 and 2019 were strategic, allowing the Trieste-based group to reach in only one year the  European leadership of the in-store digital engagement sector: &Alchemy Digital in the United Kingdom, the French group Carlipa, operating in France and in China, and the Storever Group active in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and China. In Italy, thanks to the acquisition of the innovative start-up Stentle, M-CUBE has been able to extend and consolidate its offer with omnichannel services dedicated to the world of retail.

In addition, M-CUBE has been committed to increasing the standard of its services in technical and logistical support, opening the “European Logistic & Operation Hub” in Rho, just outside Milan, from where all the projects under way at global level are coordinated and supported. With a surface area of some 2000 square metres, the new operation centre, as well as offices and warehouses, will house a  specialized laboratory for the certification of the various solutions before worldwide distribution and an area dedicated to technical support, for the management of programming and tests of video contents transmitted over the platforms installed. In addition, a large space will be reserved for the creation of the M-Cube Showroom, an exhibition area in which it will be possible to see at first hand the latest technologies on the market and in particular the latest LED solutions.

Having reached these goals, the numbers of M-Cube have increased significantly: the consolidated financial statement at the end of the year amounts to about 45 million, the result of services provided to more than 400 clients for a total of over 45,000 points of sale managed in more than 85 countries.

The objectives for the new year, according to the CEO Manlio Romanelli, are clear: “The challenge of 2020 is to manage the organic growth forecast, including through the extension of the successful model of M-Cube to the client portfolio of the companies we have acquired, and at the same time start the reorganization  of the new Group of 15 companies, standardizing their objectives, processes and operative platforms and  looking for the economies of scale we can obtain from the dimension we have reached. This will take place both from the point of view of legal entities thanks to a series of mergers and incorporations, but also from the functional point of view, to make M-Cube a single company and a transnational entity that can support the projects of its clients directly from the foreign branches.”


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